Long Day,Short Post, No Photos

Last night after packing up my stuff, I took my vouchers (given to me at check in) up to the restaurant, hoping to run into the Zeitlins. I missed them. So I sat out on the patio and had a glass of wine and crab cakes (they were really good).

Got up at 5 itching ot get on the road to get to LA before the traffic got nuts.  At check out my $161 room  (x 2) came to $495.00.  I was floored. And not in a good way.  Lots of hidden fees.  Oh well.

Spent the day in the car (8.5 hrs, with stops). Beautiful until LA. Then horrific.  Listened to the entired Comey session and the aftermath.

Great to be with Jon and Celina. But oh, my I’m tired.

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