Full car, day one

We left at 6 am sharp this morning, our party of new newly augmented by my sisters Ann and Helen.  We fit, our stuff fit, all was good.  After yesterday’s rains I was a worried about the weather. It was fine. We drove to Milwaukee listening to John Grisham’s The Testament: painless, brainless, and fun.  We should have been super early, but there were already people in line.  We pulled into the line and hung out in the visitors center.  Calli and I walked around and she greeted her adoring public (how could she be the only dog??).

Calli had to go in a kennel. This I knew. I guess I thought the kennel would be …nicer?  They were a series of crates against the back wall facing the parked cars.  Dark. No one to help. Almost impossible to open (and to secure). Calli was only dog. Guess who wasn’t happy? Both of us. As I walked away she cried and barked.  She survived, but it wasn’t great.

Leaving Wisconsin:

Lake Michigan

Our accommodations, on the other hand, were great.

Our perch in first class


Cute Annie

We had drinks and snacks–mostly free, except for my wheat beer/grapefruit thingy: sound awful? It was GREAT:

This stuff was good!

They put on La La Land, which I didn’t like the first time, but the second time I thought it was better.  I also finished the Temporary Bride, which was OK.  I have to think about it more.  I read her author’s note at the end and have to admire that she refused the pressure to be all “Eat Pray Love” nice and sweet.  She’s not.  I didn’t find her all that likeable, for reasons that say more about me than her.

The Michigan side:

Michigan side of the lake

Right after we got off the boat, we drove to the dog beach!   Calli, retrieved from the gross kennel, as not about to be mollified:

Less than enthused after imprisonment on the ferry

The beach was a bit odd–small, and the dog was supposed to be leashed. And there was clearly a big undertow.  But ok.:

Dog beach
Jeanne and Calli at Dog beach

Stopped at a garden center and got some great blueberries and raspberries.  Ate soup and salad at Panera bread near our hotel (Best Western Plus–plus age, I think…).  Great day, if exhasuting…

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