Michigan to Niagara Falls

We had good intentions to leave really early. Didn’t happen.  We pulled out of the Less-than-Best-Western at 8:15, after sending the manager scurrying down the hallway talking into his walkie-talkie. It might have had something to do with this conversation:

Me (in lobby to Manager): Hi. I’m all checked out. Thought you would want to know that in the ladies room, there are no paper towels, but there is a dead lizard.

Manager: What?

Me: No paper towels, one dead lizard.

Manager: Whoa. I never go in there

Me (in my head): I sure hope not.

We spent a lot of time in the car.  A lot.  With two stops. First one at a rest stop with some lovely flowers.

Rest Stop Flowers
More rest stop flowers

We were very excited to get to Canada:

Going to Canada
Ann and Helen going to Canada!

We were welcomed into Canada by a border official who clearly thought we were at the least highly suspect, but probably criminal masterminds.  Not the jubiliant greeting we had been hoping for. Oh well. Our enthusiasm dampened not at all, we proceded to drive through countryside that looked pretty much like the US.  EXCEPT, it’s in kilometers.  And there are signs on the road saying if you exceed the speed limit, they might seize your car.

We had a trunk picnic in a gas-station.  We split a left-over roll, some cheese, and apple and a power bar. Then back on the road for another eternity to Niagara Falls, which was completely worth it, even paying 22 Canadian to park.

I have never been to Niagara Falls, and had no idea about the RAINBOWS!!!

So many rainbows
Maid of the Mist in a rainbow
Double Rainbows!
Maid of the mist–and a rainbow

But the part of Niagara Falls you can’t see in a photo is the attached stomach-churning video of the water on its way over the falls:

Water over the falls

Helen brought along a Infant of Prague that belongs to a friend. She has been taking pictures of said holy statue all over the place.  Calli has turned religious:

Calli and the Infant of Prague at Niagara Falls

Ann caught Helen and me trying to figure out where rainbows come from:

Helen and Jeanne analyze the falls

Calli liked the cool breeze from the falls:

Jeanne and Calli at Niagara Falls

The only thing less friendly than our welcome to Canada was our welcome back to the USA. Must be a contest between customs officials across the border.  Who can be less affable?  The car votes were split.  I think it’s a tie.

Tomorrow: Niagara to NY.  Rain.

6 thoughts on “Michigan to Niagara Falls”

    1. Yes. And a young kid fishing who had on a life vest. His boat conked out and went over. He survived

  1. I feel obligated to apologize for that less-than-welcoming Canadian Border Guard! (I have been reading through this adventure — after a chance link to it appeared on my FB newsfeed — for an hour: it’s not just the scenery that’s been amazing.) I bet you drove right past me (in London, ON)! Safe and happy travels on the homeward leg. 🙂

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