Ready, sort of

I was berating myself for over packing until I realized I’m bringing the same suitcase for six weeks that I used for one week a couple of months ago in Athens.  I’m mostly packed. Starting from:

Clean slate ready to be packed

Making sure I had enough of Sal Suds in my oh-so-old-but-still-good-never-leaks Platypus.  Feels like the Classics Semester Abroad in a bottle.

I’ve taken this stuff all around the world. Washes everything. And the platypus doesn’t leak and rolls up as it empties.

Although I won’t see Anna and Tommy Barbee at the Farmers Market for quite a while, I’m taking a bit of Barbee Farms with me–a strawberry bucket to hold front seat “essentials”: Altoids, tissues, hand wipes, SPF in every form imaginable:


Strawberry bucket from Barbee Farms
SPF, Altoids, all kinds of stuff I probably don’t really need…


Dog food, people food, single use ice packs (a lot of them!), Calli’s “suitcase” and mine

And finally: the car is packed.

I know this seems to be a lot of “stuff” … but there are TWO CASES of those ice packs that you squeeze in the middle, releasing heaven knows what that makes them cold for 20 minutes: enough of them to ice my back at will.  The Subaru is very comfortable, even for long rides, but this is a long ride.  I also have a box of “you have to bring this on a road trip”: everything from an extra quart of oil (plus funnel), “fix a flat”, and jumper cables to duct tape (even though I’ll immediately call AAA).

Dog food. People food (I took about half out since last post!).  Dog treats. People treats. Some albums for Jon from his room.  The Impreza’s trunk is small so I’m pretty pleased.

Ann and Helen, most of this will be gone before I get to Rochester! There will be room for your (very small) bags!

Now to try to cull some of the books in the pile…

Next stop: Nashville.